Trade your residuals for cash so you can...

We are a financial services company based in Los Angeles that helps actors, writers, and directors unlock the value of residuals payments early.


A very simple process from contract to cash.

1. Submit Pay Statements

We use a proprietary model to determine the value of your future residuals payments that is based on attributes of the content and what you have been paid in the past.

2. Accept Offer

Within 24 hours you will receive an email proposal containing the value of your residuals and a digital contract. We do the rest!

3. Get Paid!

Once we receive one residuals check from the studio, we will know that the transaction has completed and we will mail you a check or deposit funds to your PayPal account.


We are a team of technology entrepreneurs, nonprofit founders and studio executives, and entertainment lawyers based in Los Angeles, CA.


Backlot Bank was started in reaction to a problem that many in the entertainment industry experience: liquidity. Residuals are an important part of the hollywood ecosystem and make it possible for directors, writers, and actors to be fairly compensated. However, residuals are also extremely unpredictable and not always available when you need them. Our mission is to give talent the option to invest their future residuals in whatever is important to them now.